Nomination committee

The nomination committee shall consist of three members appointed by Storytel’s three largest shareholders (by number of votes). As soon as possible after the end of the third quarter, the Chairman of the board should contact the three largest shareholders that are registered.

If one of the three largest shareholders does not want to exercise the right to appoint a member of the nomination committee, the fourth largest shareholder should be offered that right. If multiple shareholders do not exercise the right to appoint members of the nomination committee, the chairman of the board has no obligation to contact more than eight shareholders, unless that is necessary to fill the three seats.

Unless otherwise decided within the nomination committee, the member appointed by the largest shareholder is the chairman of the nomination committee. A board member should never be chairman of the nomination committee.

The current members of the nomination committee:

  • Chairman of the nomination committee: Lars Bergqvist, represents Roxette Photo
  • Helen Fasth Gillstedt, represents Handelsbanken fonder
  • Jonas Tellander, Founder and CEO
  • Rustan Panday, Chairman of the Board

The task of the nomination committee before the next annual meeting is to suggest:

  • a chairman at the annual meeting;
  • candidates for the chairman position and other members of the board;
  • board remuneration and other remuneration for board work to each board member;
  • remuneration to members of different committees within the board;
  • choice of, and remuneration to, auditor; and
  • principles for the nomination committee.