What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the user’s computer or mobile device when you visit a website. They are designed to hold a specific amount of data that can be accessed by one or several web servers or the client’s computer. This allows the webpage to remember site preferences, user information and even track the user across the web. In general, websites and other online services use cookies in order to, e.g. facilitate certain functions, such as navigating the website.

Cookies are either deleted automatically when you close down your browser after a certain time interval (so called session cookies) or they are stored on your computer in order facilitate future visits at the website (so called permanent cookies). Permanent cookies will also be automatically erased after a certain period of time.

Why are we using cookies?

Cookies help us provide and improve our service. Cookies are used to tailor our site to the user’s interests and to offer the user a better user experience when using our site. Although the individual cookies might change over time, we have categorized the types of cookies Storytel use below.

Cookie Category

Cookie Purpose


These cookies are essential for us to provide the Storytel service as requested.

Although we do not store any personal information in these cookies, these cookies are required for the user to be able to establish a secure login session to our servers.


Functional cookies help Storytel enable the functionality that delivers the Storytel service.

A cookie might store information about the user’s language preferences to redirect the user to the correct website and display localized content.


We use cookies to track the traffic across our site, in order to optimize and deliver the best service possible.

Although the cookies do not contain any personal information, they might be used to measure the performance of our campaigns as well as the flow of traffic across the site. We might also use this information for targeted advertising.

Third party

On occasion, we allow third party collaborators to use cookies on our site for the same purpose as we do (see the description above). This means that certain third parties (such as e.g. Facebook and Google) may also use cookies on our sites to collect information about you over time, and across other websites.

The cookies on our site are set from various domains, the following is a list of a few of those domains:


More information about cookies

You can read more about cookies and how to block them at (Europe) and (USA). However, please be informed that restricting or blocking cookies may negatively impact the overall user experience on the Storytel website.

If you have any additional questions on Storytel’s use of cookies please contact us at

Last reviewed 1 March 2018